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Abbott Farms Receives NYS Agritourism Grant

We were very pleased to receive a grant from the NYS Agritourism and Education Board in 2002. The grant reflects the state government’s partnering with agriculture, the state’s #1 industry, with tourism, the state’s #2 industry.

With the grant, we built a building to house classrooms, recently modified for an observation cider press. Another section of the building seats up to 100 people to house school tours, birthday parties, corporate parties, and special events. We also expanded our food service offerings with a grill and kettle for hamburgers, candy apples, sweet corn, and other mouthwatering seasonal specialties.

We created a self-guided walking tour of our historic buildings, the Abbott Homestead Tour. It gives a glimpse into an 1880s subsistence farm. Most farms from that era were self-contained and self-sustaining, growing just what they needed to care for themselves and their own animals along with an additional crop to raise money for staples from town like cloth and sugar. Interpretive signs and a map point the way around the farm for this leisurely, educational tour.

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