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Abbott’s Barnyard

Help us celebrate our new arrivals at the Barnyard. Each spring we welcome new babies bunnies, chicks, pigs and calves to our farm. They join our resident herd of goats, chickens and beef cattle. Visit often to watch the babies grow. Small bags of feed can be purchased in the store for you to help us care for our pets. Watch the antics of our silly group of goats and try to get a fist bump from our friendly pigs (they’ve been taught to bump your fist with their snouts!). Our animals are intentionally hand fed so they’ll be friendly and companionable with people. What’s healthy for humans is not necessarily healthy for our animals and sadly, we have lost animals to people feeding them the wrong food. So, we must ask you to please feed our animals only what we provide for them. We encourage you to please read and obey the signs.