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Free Range Beef – Packaged Cuts Available in the Store Now or Orders Taken

Are you looking for hormone-free, steroid-free meat? You’re in the right place! We buy our calves from Central New York State dairy farmers who raise Holsteins. Their steers spend a year and a half on our farm, where we raise them on grass pasture, hay and grains, which we grow and grind ourselves.
We don’t use any growth hormones, steroids, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We bring the calves into the winter barn after Thanksgiving, and put them on pasture as soon as we can after the snow’s gone.
We use a USDA Certified Butcher shop in NYS for all of our processing. Your meat stays in New York State from birth to butcher. Whether it’s custom-cut or in our retail freezer case, Abbott Farms beef is high-quality meat that’s hormone-free and good for you and your family. You can buy our beef retail in our store, or order custom-cut .
Custom Cut is ordering a ¼ front (more roasts) or ¼ hind (more steak options) or ½ of a cow. Meat is custom-cut and wrapped to your specifications. This is a great option for families with a big freezer or for extended families to share.  Some meat cut options you will have are thickness and type of steaks (Delmonico, Porterhouse, NY strip, etc), weight of roasts, tenderloin and prime rib, ground beef or ground beef patties, cutlets, cubed and stew beef. We typically slaughter in the spring and mid summer. If you want to receive notification, click on “sign up for our e-newsletter” on our home page. When presented with the options of which list to sign up for, check the Beef box. We will contact you via e-mail. Custom sales are first-come, first-served and are subject to availability. A $100.00 deposit is required when you place your order.
What is hanging weight? Custom meat is sold by hanging weight. Hanging weight refers to the slab of meat before it is cut and processed. After it has cured for a couple of weeks, the butcher will cut and trim according to your specifications and package it up for you. The end result is “cut meat”. Due to trimming, cut meat will always be smaller than hanging weight.

A half-steer average weight is 300-350 pounds.
Hindquarter average weight is 180-200 pounds.
Forequarter average weight is 150-175 pounds.
(prices are subject to change due to market fluctuation)
Call 315-638-7783 for our current price list.

Buy local!

Here are two examples from our 2008 custom sales. One side was 377 lb. hanging weight and yielded 245 lbs. of packaged meat. Another side with a 355 lb. hanging weight, cut differently (with thicker steaks, larger roasts, and 90% lean ground beef), yielded 260 lbs. of meat. In each case the hanging weight was multiplied by price per lb., and that was the buyer’s final cost.
We also sell Retail cuts of beef in our freezer case in the store all year round. Packages are vacuum-sealed in a see-through wrap. We have a good selection in stock, including ground beef and patties, roasts, and tender steaks. Prices are competitive with other retail stores, but with Abbotts you are buying our very own farm-raised beef!


Is your beef organic?

Our beef is not certified organic, but it is hormone-free. Our cows do not receive sub-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones fed to them. This means that if they are sick they are treated with antibiotics, and if they are not sick, they’re not treated. They pasture on grass all summer. In the fall when the grass slows down we green chop (not ensiled) our sweet corn stalks to supplement the grass. For the winter they eat our own hay, corn and soybeans. The hay is ensiled (fermented) to preserve it and break down the cell walls for digestion.