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Letter to School

Welcome to Abbott Farms!

Abbott Farms provides a unique enrichment opportunity for your school students with our fun, educational tours.  The focus of the tours varies depending on the grade level and specific class needs, but while at the farm all students will be actively engaged in learning about farm life. We present the tour to the age of the child so it is fun and engaging while giving them knowledge of farming.  Children love to visit our barnyard animals and feed our goats.  This is a good opportunity to show them the importance of respect and caring for animals.  They love our animals!

Our tours are offered in Spring, Summer and Fall!  Each season is a unique farm experience!

 Our Spring and Summer tours give the  students the opportunity to  learn about our orchard and crops, honeybees, pollination and what plants need to grow.  We have a hands on sensory table which is well received with the pre school crowd!  Children will have fun on our tube slides and feed and visit with our barnyard animals.

Our Fall Wagon Ride Tour is held from September through October. Students will learn about pumpkins, corn, fall crops, visit with our barnyard animals (feed the goats!), cider production,  and hands on sensory table.   Each students will each pick a small pumpkin and a kiddie bag of apples to take home.

We also offer tours to Scouts, 4H Groups, as well as to adults, summer camps, seniors and other interested organizations.

The BOCES Arts-In-Education Exploratory Enrichment Co-Ser program.  This could be a cost free tour to your school if you participate. To learn more on how your school can be involved in the Exploratory Enrichment CO-Ser program and to receive a request form for financial assistance, please call the Arts-In-Education office at (315) 963-4249 or visit the Arts-in-Education website at http://artsined.oswegoboces.org.

To learn more about the educational farm tours, prices, policies and school visits, please contact specialevents@abbottfarms.com  or call 315-530-3246 . Please leave a message.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Karen Masella, Event Manager