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Mulch and Soil

Over the last few years the mulch industry has seen significant changes. Mulch can now be purchased almost anywhere from box stores to tree removal and recycling companies, and even gas stations. Their product might be affordable, but do you really know what’s in the mulch?

Abbott Farms has been buying mulch from the same company since 1998. We have offered a consistent quality product all these years. We regularly visit the producer’s facilities, and we trust the company owners’ integrity and quality products.

Our mulch is produced strictly from Adirondack and Canadian hardwood bark, guaranteeing you the best quality product on the market. Unlike other suppliers, our mulch is not made of recycled wood like ground-up pallets or disease-infested trees. What you get is quality, clean, hardwood mulches.

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Red Ochre

Saddle Brown


Natural Dark

The Dirt on Topsoil

Our topsoil comes from a local source. It is screened and free of debris larger than ½ inch. This high quality topsoil contains a small percentage of organic matter, which contributes to its capacity to hold water and nutrients and tends to improve soil aggregation.

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