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Abbott Farms is a family-owned u-pick farm near Syracuse in Central New York. Founded in 1866, it’s a unique blend of historical buildings and working farm life. Winners of a NYS Agritourism grant, Abbott Farms’ goal is to share the joy of living close to the land with urban and suburban neighbors.

A stroller-worthy road through the heart of the farm connects a corn maze, pumpkin patch, u-pick orchard, barnyard, goldfish pond, greenhouse event space, food concession, cider press, and grazing pasture for our beef cows.

Abbott Farms’ is open all year.  The growing season starts in mid April with the baby animals beginning to arrive  in our barnyard. By the end of June, the animals should all be here. Strawberry picking starts in  early June, with sweet cherries and summer raspberries soon after. Our sweet corn and blueberries come in July. Apples start in mid-August and Italian prunes ripen by early to mid September.

Fall Festival Days — Saturdays and Sundays from the weekend after Labor Day to Halloween — raise the level of excitement with our tube slides, corn crawl, face-painting, corn maze, apple cannon& slingshots and wagon rides. Watch us press cider and sample the sweet results. Dress for the weather and bring your camera.

Enjoy leisurely shopping at Abbott Farms Country Store, where you’ll find our own brown eggs, free range beef, local maple and honey products, and cheeses. We also have an ice cream shoppe, slushies – featuring our unique seasonal favorites made with our own fruit, and a bakery where you will find pies and cookies to please everyone’s sweet tooth! We  make our own fudge on-site in more than a dozen flavors. Seasonal delicacies include apple fritters, caramel apples, and cider.

Our new Four Grand Wine and Cidery will open soon offering an array of our own hard ciders and wine.  


Abbott Farms has sheltered eating areas, picnic tables, paved parking, and handicapped-accessible indoor restrooms. We book weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties, and flashlight mazes. We also host educational school tours and guided group tours by reservation. An average fall visit is 2 – 4 hours but many people make a day of it.

Abbott's Barnyard


Help us celebrate our new arrivals at the Barnyard. Snap and Dragon, will be our new baby pigs. They join our resident herd of goats, chickens and beef cattle.  We are expecting  ducklings by the end of June. Visit often to watch the babies grow. Small bags of feed can be purchased in the store for you to help us care for our animals. Watch the antics of our silly group of goats . Our animals are intentionally hand fed so they’ll be friendly and companionable with people. What’s healthy for humans is not necessarily healthy for our animals and sadly, we have lost animals to people feeding them the wrong food. So, we must ask you to please feed our animals only what we provide for them. We encourage you to please read and obey the signs.

Cider Press


Pressin’ On

This year we will again have our cider press up and running! Robin and Andrew are our on-site cider smiths and experts in blending cider from our many apple varieties. Every batch is different, even if you use the same apples!  It truly is a mixture of art and science.  And this year – watch for cider blends using our own apples, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries! Check put facebook to see when we are pressing again.

NYS law requires producers to treat all cider made for resale. Heat pasteurization is one method. UV treatment also meets this requirement by using ultraviolet light instead of intense heat. This is the method we use. Cider tasting can be a fun pursuit like comparing gourmet coffees. Sample some for yourself!  Cider slushies are a big hit with kids, and we have them all summer and fall. Don’t forget that our cider is 100% natural, has no preservatives, no added sugar, and contains fiber from the pectin in the apples. Stop by for a gallon and enjoy!

Corn Maze



Our corn maze opens in August and will be open through October on Fall Fest weekends. Admission is $7 and includes a wagon ride.

Friday Night Fun In October!

6:00-8:00pm: Flashlight Corn Maze(last ticket sold at 7:30pm)
From 6-9 PM on Friday and Saturday nights the maze is open for a unique, and fun experience for you and your family. We have wagon rides available to take everyone to and from the maze, or you can take a walk down our lighted paths to the maze entrance.  From there… you are on your own, go get lost in the dark, and make a memory.

This is a great event for birthday parties, youth groups, scout troupes, or any group of people looking to have a good time.


COST: $9 per person  Bring your own flashlight.


Fall Festival Days


Our Fall Festival Days — Saturdays, Sundays & Columbus Day from the first weekend after Labor Day in September to Halloween.  Enjoy the season with fun fall activities! A per-person wristband or individual tickets on festival days covers these activities — wagon rides, face painting, balloon art, kids zone, tube slides, grain bin, and 3 shots on the apple cannon or slingshot.

Fall Fest wristbands & tickets:

Our festival offers many activities for kids of all ages, and adults too! From wagon rides to the corn maze, apple cannon and slingshots,  grain bin corn crawl, tube slides, and face painting- there is something for everyone! Tickets and wristbands can be purchased in our outdoor sheds.

2019 Pricing:

You do NOT need a wristband or ticket to pick apples, visit the store, see the animals or get food.

Parking is always FREE.

Orchard Grille


Fish Pond


At the Orchard Grille, you’ll find a full menu of grilled entrees and treats to fuel your day. We grill our own Abbott hamburgers, A new special is Apple Slaw, and proudly serve CNY’s Hoffman hotdogs. Seasonal delicacies include our own apple fritters, cider donuts, caramel and candy apples — all made with our own apples, of course.

Our bakery features cookies and 10” pies. We make our own cream-and-butter fudge on-site in more than a dozen flavors.  For dessert you can also have a large selection of baked goods or a treat from our full-service ice cream shoppe featuring Gifford’s hard Ice Cream and Upstate Farms Custard mixes. Come taste the difference and see what makes Gifford’s so special!

We hope to have our new observation window ready by Fall Fest so you can watch us press cider. Ask us about our ultraviolet-light process and sample the sweet results! Plan on pumpkin picking and more fun than you and the kids can soak up in a day. An average fall festival visit is 2-4 hours but many folks make a day of it! Dress for the weather — raincoats and barn boots too and don’t forget your camera. Some of our activities are weather dependent so please keep that in mind when planning your visit. Inclement weather may effect whether or not we have our apple cannon and slingshots operating.

Bring the whole family down to the farm to make a memory you won’t soon forget!

When we first dug our little farm pond several years ago, we never dreamed how popular it would become!  The pond is a favorite hangout for watching the fish, listening to the stream trickle, and trying to catch bullfrogs. Parents are responsible for close supervision of their children.  Please no swimming !

U-Picking at Abbotts'


Bring the kids, absolutely!

Some farmers don’t want kids in their fields: but we welcome children in our berry patches and orchard because we want to invest in you and your family.  Our kids need fresh air, healthy food and strong bodies. S chool wellness programs and community sports are a great start; but our kids also need us — quality time, and lots of it! Our kids grew up going to Hencle’s Berry Patch with their Nana (Nancy Hencle Abbott, who’s parents started Hencle’s Berry Patch) when they could barely walk. It’s a great bonding experience for kids to pick with their grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles.

Fruit ripeness and volume depend on the weather. It’s always wise to call ahead and make sure we’re open before you come out. Our phone number is 315 638-7783. You can also keep up to date with us on Facebook. We keep our berry patch as weed-free as possible. Our strawberries are grown on raised beds, which makes them easier to reach. We also put straw between rows and plastic mulch within rows to keep the berries clean and your feet dry. Be sure to stop at our sheds located near each berry patch to get a list of what rows are open to pick that day and to pick up a container. We do take major credit cards (Visa, Master Card & Discover) in the field. Berries are sold by the pound on a first-come, first-served basis.

Keep in mind that berries keep longer when picked in the cool of the day and refrigerated as soon as possible. There’s not much shade in a berry patch, so dress for the weather and bring your sunscreen. We will give you our reusable waxed boxes to fill, or you may bring your own containers. If you opt to bring your own containers, please have your container weighed before you begin picking. If you need to cool down after picking, we have ice cream in our Country Store as well as cool drinks and many other treats.

In mid-August, the orchard is open whenever the Country Store is open.  Our orchard is closely-mowed and though the majority of our trees aren’t too high, climbing trees is not allowed. We ask that you pick the fruit by the individual stem. Taking a bud or branch off will affect future growth on our trees. Sweet cherry season tends to be short, sometimes just hours long; sign up for our e-mail newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, or you will miss it (late June/early July). Italian prune-plums ripen in early September. We have popular apple varieties in addition to some new sensations like Snapdragon and Ruby Frost.  Our apples start ripening in mid-August, so don’t miss out on u-pick apples for late-summer fun. Apples keep best when stored in your refrigerator.

To pick apples, stop in first in the store or at a shed (on the weekends). Pick out a bag size or bring your own.  Starting in 2019 we will pick apples by the pound.  We will also give you a list of what rows we are picking from that day. Not every apple is ripe at the same time. Do you have a favorite variety? Call ahead, check our website or Facebook to be sure not to miss yours! We hate to have to raise our prices due to theft so if you see someone disregarding our system, or stealing, please tell an Abbott employee to help keep your prices low.

Pumpkins are sold by size, not weight. We grow our pumpkins in several sizes. Look for a size gauge in the pumpkin patch, or on the side of our wagons, to tell you what yours will cost. Corn stalks can be purchased in the store or sheds, by the bundle.

During Fall Festival Days you do not have to buy a wristband to pick apples or visit the pumpkin patch. If you would like to participate in the festival activities, wristbands or tickets are available in our sheds and in the store.

Here are the crops available and their approximate picking schedule:

Strawberries June – July
Cherries late June – July
Raspberries July – August
Blueberries July – September
Apples Aug – Oct
Prunes Sept
Pumpkins late Sept – Oct



Due to Health and USDA regulations, we cannot allow pets in the store, cider mill or upick fields(food) or our barnyard(animals).

That leaves the parking and other grassy areas for pets.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy your day at Abbott's!

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