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You’ll Love Your Visit!

Please be aware there is admission to visit the Farm

Berry Season is here!!

You can welcome our delicious Strawberries the beginning of the summer! Every year around the beginning of June our fields are open for you and your loved ones to make memories with our Upick field or grab some already picked ones in our market! Our Strawberry festival is held each year for a full weekend the date varies per year so keep a look out on our Facebook or our Events page on our website!

Once July comes our Blueberries are around the corner! You can expect to be able to pick them yourself in our field or also be able to grab some in our market! All of our berries are great for making pies, jams, preserves, or freeze them to enjoy at a later date! The possibilities for them are endless!

Beautiful sunflowers are relatively new to our farm. Come take a peek at our 5 acres of sunflowers. The perfect photo op or gift for the sunflower lover in your life! 

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