PrePistol Permit class for Onondaga County

Saturday morning,  8:00am to 12:30 at Abbott Farms Cidery  (building behind the store)


PARK in front of the store to the side and walk back.  The doors are on the East side facing the woodpile.


We will have to observe social distancing and the like so please come prepared.  If you are bringing 2 or more and don't mind sitting close please let me know.  Depending on those groups I can let more people sign up.


Room opens at 7:30am  so sign in and get commfy. 


Owning a firearm is your right, but it is your duty to demonstrate proper care and use.  Start your education.


Please get this to any one you know interested in a pre-permit class.


Please come early if you can  Doors open at 7:30 am

I need you to sign a roster on the way in. Getting there a bit early will help the congestion at sign in. I will have some short clips of various shooting sports running during sign in so you can see some fun things you can do with your permit after you get it.


Bring a drink and a quiet snack if you need to. I will take a break or two. The class will provide a solid foundation of legal, safety, fundamentals and range etiquette.


Download the forms from the Onondaga County Sheriff's website. Read them carefully, twice ! Then start right in. You do not have to wait for the class to start filling them in. Take the reference forms to your people and watch them fill them out and sign the other sheet. Then you have them and are not waiting on the mail!. Do not get your fingerprints done before you have a date set with the sheriff's office to turn your completed paperwork in. Fingerprints expire, read the directions. By going through the application before the class you can bring questions to the class that we can help you answer.

message Warren Abbott with questions

May 1, 2021 Onondaga County Safety Class in person

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