U-Pick Season: June-July??.....


  • The strawberry patch is located across the street from our store. Our field is broken up into 3 sections and we grow 12+ varieties, which are all labeled for your convenience.

  • “Where do I go when I arrive?”

  • Park in the lot by the field. Your first stop is at our shed to pick up a reusable picking container; or have the one that you brought from home weighed.  We will also tell you which rows we are picking from that day.

  • Our strawberries are grown on raised, plastic beds. This system keeps the plants cleaner, cuts down on weeds, and keeps our fruit from sitting in puddles of water. We spread straw between the rows to keep our field clean for you & your family.

  • We do ask that you please keep the weather in mind and dress appropriately. If it has rained recently, boots or waterproof shoes are a good idea. There is no shade in the field so don’t forget your sunscreen.

  • Do you know which varieties you like by name? If you do, great! If you don’t, we encourage you to try a sample while picking. We want to ensure that you go home with a basket full of berries that you are going to love! In case you are wondering, yes, it is safe to eat the berries in our fields without washing them first. Our family & employees do – LOTS!

  • When you have finished picking, head back to our shed to have your berries weighed and pay right there in the field. How easy is that?!? We accept cash & credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover) at our sheds.

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