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Cider Press

The cider presses are up and running! Our on-site cider smiths are experts in blending cider from our many apple varieties. Every batch is different, even if you use the same apples!  It truly is a mixture of art and science.

NYS law requires producers to treat all cider made for resale. Heat pasteurization is one method. UV treatment also meets this requirement by using ultraviolet light instead of intense heat. This is the method we use. Cider tasting can be a fun pursuit like comparing gourmet coffees. Sample some for yourself!  Cider slushies are a big hit with kids, and we have them most weekends in the summer and fall. Don’t forget that our cider is 100% natural, has no preservatives, no added sugar, and contains fiber from the pectin in the apples. Stop by for a gallon and enjoy!

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